FlaShisen Help

The objective of FlaShisen is simple — remove all the tiles in the least amount of time. Matching tiles can be removed if they can be connected by a straight line with 3 (or fewer) segments. Lines may not pass through other tiles, however, they may travel the outer edge of the board.

For Example:

1 Segment 2 Segments 3 Segments
1 segment 2 segments 3 segments
New Game
Starts a new game.
Restart Game
Restarts the current game
Suggest Move
Hilites two tiles which may be removed. A 30 second penalty will be added to your time, so this option is best used if you are stuck or learning to play.
Draw Lines
Toggles whether lines are drawn or not. While drawing lines is handy for players just starting, it does slow down game play and is therefore better to turn them off if you’re interested in the achieving the best possible time.
Gives information about the game and its illustrious author.
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